Get your free WTFJHT "I Voted" Sticker


One of my favorite things about voting in-person is getting a "I Voted" sticker. Today, however, a lot of people vote by mail won't receive their coveted proof of civic responsibility. So let's fix that.

I have about 500 WTFJHT-themed "I Voted" stickers to give away. Just enter your address and I'll send you one.

Please note that these stickers WILL arrive after the election. 

While the stickers are free, consider chipping in a few bucks to help me cover the cost of postage (.55-cents), stickers (.22-cents/each), envelopes (.05-cents), and labor.


  • The stickers are FREE, but you're encouraged to name-a-fair-price. A $1.99 contribution is suggested.
  • Stickers will be selected at random (there are two designs) and mailed in batches every few days between now and whenever I finish packing and shipping stickers.
  • Double-check your address. If you don't enter it correctly, I can't help you.

Design nerds: All envelopes will stamped with the "Star Ribbon" by Aaron Draplin. 

This product is not currently for sale.

Free "I Voted" stickers from WTF Just Happened Today?

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Get your free WTFJHT "I Voted" Sticker