Get your free WTFJHT x "Dark Brandon" 2024 Sticker

WTF Just Happened Today?

Support today's essential newsletter and resist the shock and awe with a free WTFJHT x "Dark Brandon" 2024 sticker! Just enter your address and I'll send you a sticker.

While the stickers are free, consider chipping in a few bucks to help me cover the cost of postage (.63-cents), stickers (.50-cents/each), envelopes (.05-cents), and labor ($$$).


  • The stickers are FREE, but you're encouraged to name-a-fair-price. A $5 contribution is suggested.
  • Available only in the U.S. – sorry, I have had so many issues in the past with international mailings.
  • Double-check your address. If you don't enter it correctly, I can't help you!
  • Design nerds: All envelopes will stamped with the "Star Ribbon" by Aaron Draplin. 
This product is not currently for sale.

You'll receive a WTFJHT x "Dark Brandon" 2024 sticker (4"x4")


Get your free WTFJHT x "Dark Brandon" 2024 Sticker